Test Coast 2024

🗓️ 25th of April 📍 Gothenburg
– Test Conference presented by Test Scouts –

🎤 Talk: “Journey through DevOps and Testing Synergy”

In their presentation, we’ll embark on a journey to explore the synergy between DevOps and testing, shedding light on their intertwined roles in modern software development. Whether you’re new to DevOps or a seasoned professional, we’ll break down key concepts, address the linkage with Agile development, and delve into the benefits, real-world applications, and lessons learned.


📝Jakub Piasek & Katja Meyer

Jakub, as a control engineering student with a passion for automation and precision, embarked on his career journey in the software industry as a software tester. His initial role allowed him to develop a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of software quality.
Over time, Jakub recognized the increasing demand for bridging the gap between development and operations. Driven by the desire to streamline the software development process, he transitioned into the dynamic world of DevOps.
As a DevOps engineer (from around 5 years), Jakub now play a pivotal role in optimizing the software development lifecycle. He facilitates seamless collaboration between development and operations teams, implement automation solutions, and orchestrate the delivery pipeline. Jakubs background in control engineering enables him to leverage his skills in a new context, ensuring that the software delivery process is both efficient and reliable.


Katja, originally holding a PhD in molecular biology, changed career paths a couple of years ago and started her journey into the testing world. She is currently working as a test consultant and testing team lead at QualityMinds. In addition to digging her way deeper into the realm of test automation, she is also passionate about learning new testing techniques and onboarding new testers.



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When, where?

📅 Thursday 25th of April 2024
8:30 Workshops,   13:00 Talks,   18:00 Afterparty
📍 IHM Business School – Fabriksgatan 25, Gothenburg
💸 Free of charge


🅿️ Closest parking lot: P-hus Tomtegatan