Test Coast 2024

🗓️ 25th of April 📍 Gothenburg
– Test Conference presented by Test Scouts –

🎤 Talk: “Future of CI/CD: Testing.next”

The last decade has seen a relentless push to deliver software faster. Automated testing has emerged as one of the most important technologies for scaling software delivery. In this presentation, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of Jenkins and co-founder of Launchable, shares insights into emerging trends and practices in the testing space, including where AI/ML is getting deployed. This session will highlight innovations in testing and future approaches that are emerging for those looking to nurture a continuous quality culture.


📝 Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Kohsuke is co-founder and co-CEO at Launchable. Famous for creating Jenkins, he is passionate about solving problems developers face every day. As CTO of CloudBees, he worked with Harpreet to create the Jenkins business and grew the team to over 400 people. Before joining CloudBees, Kawaguchi was with Sun Microsystems and Oracle, where he worked on a variety of projects and initiated the open-source work that led to Jenkins. He is an O’Reilly open-source Award recipient, JavaOne Rockstar, Japan OSS Contributor Award recipient, and a Rakuten Technology Award recipient.


Test Coast 2024 will, just like last year, have a focus on the Test craft and on AI and Test, but this year we are adding a new focus area in Test and DevOps and Kohsuke ties these three topics together in a very nice way. He is a well-respected developer and popular speaker at industry and Jenkins community events. Kawaguchi’s flair for creating Jenkins and his deep understanding of the challenges faced by software development teams everywhere has now led him to take on new challenges around using AI/ML to intelligently select test cases for more efficient execution, monitor test case health over time and analyze the large amounts of test data and results generated.



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When, where?

📅 Thursday 25th of April 2024
8:30 Workshops,   13:00 Talks,   18:00 Afterparty
📍 IHM Business School – Fabriksgatan 25, Gothenburg
💸 Free of charge


🅿️ Closest parking lot: P-hus Tomtegatan