Test Coast 2024

🗓️ 25th of April 📍 Gothenburg
– Test Conference presented by Test Scouts –

🛠️ Workshop: “How do I test this? –
       Dealing with confusing requirements”

“They want to build what?”, “These requirements make no sense!”, “We can’t test this!” 

We often encounter requirements that are unclear, confusing, or even contradictory. Through the exploration of an experimental new product, this workshop help you develop your skills when dealing with such challenges. The teams will tackle a common task and share their approaches. The intended outcome is for participants to:

• Build confidence and learn new methods for dealing with challenging situations.
• Understand when testing can start adding value. 
• Learn insightful questions to ask at the start of project.
• Broaden perspectives by learning how others approach the same task. 
• Strengthen your sense of empowerment as a tester.


📝 Robert Hennersten-Manley & Pierre Alenbrink

Rob is an experienced tester with nearly two decades in varying roles from Test Analyst to Programme Test Manager. Rob’s career started in the UK Finance Sector but since moving to Sweden in 2022 has been working in the Railway Industry. Rob is passionate and enthusiastic about the end customer, having spent time in Customer Services and getting to know the real users, this has shaped his outlook to testing. Whilst his experience at a range of roles enables a multidimensional perspective; he sees the big picture—from intricate technical details to overarching project goals.

Pierre is a passionate and comitted tester with over ten years experience with many different roles such as test engineer, test coordinator and test strategist. The majority of his career has been spent testing safety-critical systems within the Railway Industry but also with a few assignments within the MedTech business. Pierre is a context-driven type of tester who usually finds himself asking questions like “who?” “why?” and “what?” a lot. That is probably the reason why you often find him testing the requirements at an early stage trying to identify the missing, unclear or vague parts.

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When, where?

📅 Thursday 25th of April 2024
8:30 Workshops,   13:00 Talks,   18:00 Afterparty
📍 IHM Business School – Fabriksgatan 25, Gothenburg
💸 Free of charge


🅿️ Closest parking lot: P-hus Tomtegatan